Under The Stones by Stevie O’Connor - the hunt for a murderer is on, in this dark, Northern thriller.

English Detective Inspector Lambert is searching The Lake District, in the rainy gloom of a bank holiday, for a murderer. Rich characters illuminate this grim saga from the dark of the North and the rain of the fells. Intense drama and character driven plots. Moody.

Think: Ian Rankin kidnapped by Michael Robotham, Stuart Macbride and Irvine Welsh and taken to Kernbeck for a stag-night.

In A Mirror City by Stevie O’Connor - chilling, dystopian, sci-fi noir. If Spartacus was a girl.

This is for the sci-fi nerds, the goth/EMO/indie/punkster musician. Black-eyeliner, Doc Martens and ink. Bad-ass heroine Maja Larsen, gets caught up in an evil government conspiracy and has to run for her life, lost in a broken and mutated world.

Think: A Girl with a Dragon Tattoo on a Bridge in a Metropolis/Blade Runner/Silent Running-esque dystopia, stalking Marge Piercy and Margaret Atwood.

Carmelita de Rosa by Stevie O’Connor - magic realism set in pre-Franco Spain in the 1920’s.

Carmelita de Rosa is a woman like the moon, except she shines of her own accord. This is for the sensualists and hedonists. She of the rich opulence and heady scents and secrets. Witches and talking mules.

Think: Angela Carter and Isabel Allende in a magic house in the desert mountains. Add a touch of Chocolat, a Hundred years of Solitude and Jeanette Winterson’s sexed Cherry for this erotic cocktail.